Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Simply Kendra Cosmetics - Haul, review and swatches

Hi guys :)

So a few weeks ago, I ordered 10 loose eyeshadow samples from Simply Kendra Cosmetics. The colours I ordered were:
Sunday School, Miss Peaches, Naughty librarian, Senorita, Razzatazz, Jen-Jen, Jealous Jill, Mona Mona, Starry Night & Giggles McGee
Along with my order, I got a note from Kendra that said 'Tamsin, thank you for your order, I hope you enjoy your samples. Xox Kendra' and 3 free samples which was really lovely of her. The ones I got free were: Angel Baby, Cherry Kola & Conspiracy Theory

Cherry Kola, Miss Peaches, Sunday School
 Giggles McGee, Mona-Mona, Angel Baby, Conspiracy Theory, Starry Night
 Naughty Librarian, Jealous Jill, Jen-Jen, Razzatazz, Senorita

Good Points:
Good pigmentation
Comes in sample or regular size
Ships internationally
Good customer service

Bad Points:
Sample bag is inconvenient (not much can be done about that)
Only available at her online store

My favourites:
Senorita, Starry Night, Razzatazz

I would definately recommend everyone checking these out, even if it's just a few samples, they wont disappoint. Each sample is $1 and shipping to the UK is $5. I hope this was helpful, click here to see the video review on our channel, please subcribe and follow this blog :D

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