Friday, 24 June 2011

E.L.F Studio High Definition Powder Review

Hey guys!

So I have a little review for ya and it's the HD setting powder I got from E.L.F about a week ago. It was £6 but I got it in the 20% off sale. I've been wearing it every day and here is my conclusion.

So as you can see, the packaging isn't very practical and can get quite messy. I forgot to photograph and review the powder puff that it comes with, I don't like to use powder puffs as they aren't hygienic as they will be touching your face then back to the product over and over and you can't really clean them. But I've heard that the powder puff will stop the product from falling everywhere, so that's your decision :)

Good Points:
Leaves healthy matte finish
Doesn't show up white or chalky on skin
Good value
Comes with a sifter
Good customer service on website

Bad Points:
Container too big for product
Packaging doesn't contain product well, lot's of mess
Powder puff on top of product

Overall I would definitely recommend this powder, it's so inexpensive and is a must have in my makeup collection for setting face products. You can purchase it from or depending on where you live :)

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