Sunday, 26 June 2011

Nails of the Day - Bright Blue Cream

Hiya :)

So yesterday I went into boots to buy some new nail polish and I realised that I didn't own a standard blue cream! I thought it was one of those essential colours so I picked one up from 17 for £2.99 and thought it was lovely for summer.

It's from the 17 Lasting Fix range which I own 2 other colours from so I might do a review on them. The colour is Seabreeze and I used the MUA clear polish as a top coat. I really love this colour and I'm considering putting the matte top coat from ELF over to simulate Phoebe from Zoya's Mod Mattes collection but I haven't decided yet :)

I hope you like this colour as much as I do, if you have any other colours from this range, let me know as I'm eager to try some more.

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